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Are you searching for an Italian criminal lawyer or criminal defense solicitors in Italy?


Have you been arrested in Italy or become a victim of assault?


Are you facing accusations of drink driving or other related criminal offenses?

My Story

Lawyer Salvatore del Giudice is a criminal defense lawyer in Naples who specializes in criminal law. He provides legal assistance, both in and out of court, to individuals and legal entities in cases involving crimes against persons, crimes against property, crimes against public administration, medical liability, corporate crimes, bankruptcy offenses, environmental crimes, urban planning offenses, tax offenses, vulnerable groups and family crimes, extradition proceedings, proceedings before the Juvenile Court, personal and property preventive measures, criminal execution, and administrative liability of entities under Legislative Decree 231/2001, as well as drug-related offenses and workplace safety offenses.

The law firm of criminal defense lawyer Salvatore del Giudice is dedicated to the protection of human rights and has significant experience before the European Court of Human Rights.

Lawyer Salvatore del Giudice has held the position of President of GGV, coordinator of Legal Aid Italia, has been appointed as Councilor for the Bar Association of the City of Pomigliano d'Arco, and has been a speaker at numerous conferences on criminal law and human rights.

Our values Facing a criminal proceeding is one of the most difficult and traumatic experiences a person can go through in their life (to quote Carnelutti, a true "punishment"), especially when one is the target of an unjust and unfounded accusation.

The unreasonable length of trials, the lack of clear and precise information, especially in the initial stages of the criminal proceedings, and the uncertainty about the outcomes, are a source of enormous concern for individuals under investigation.

The law firm of criminal defense lawyer Salvatore del Giudice, fully aware of the constitutional and social significance of the role of the defense attorney, ensures that all clients receive an independent, competent, engaged, fair, and transparent defense.

Independence A criminal defense lawyer has a duty to practice their profession with complete freedom, autonomy, and independence, solely in the interest of their client.

The law firm of criminal defense lawyer Salvatore del Giudice guarantees absolute independence in both judicial and extrajudicial activities, free from any conditioning, particularly those arising from personal interests or external influences.


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